Better handling of in progress meetings
Tidy now handles in progress meetings better. Historically, once a meeting had started, even if it was underway, it'd move off the 'upcoming' page and into your 'past meetings' page.
Underway Meetings in TidyHQ
Now, Tidy will show in progress meetings on both pages, and call them out at the very top - making it easier than ever for attendees to review meeting details as it's live.
Improvements to viewing a Contacts Memberships
We've made it easier and more reliable than ever to view (all) memberships associated with a given contact.
Previously, you'd only get a link to the report when there were no active memberships. Now, not only have we made this link always visible, we've also improved it to use the specific contact, rather than anyone with their name.
2021-07-30 11-20-05
Hide Membership Variations after they've been used
For our customers with hidden variations enabled, we've just launched the ability for you to hide past variations from new users.
Once variation has been used for existing memberships, we no longer allow you delete it (so you have the history of it) - but with his new feature, you can "hide" it, allowing only renewals and admins to access it.
Raise feedback and find out what's changed in Tidy HQ
New Feedback and Changelog Links
We've made it easier than ever for you to view what's changed in TidyHQ,
and to raise feedback and production suggestions.
We'll be regularly reviewing these requests, to see how we can make it
a better tidy for everyone.
Improvements to search on the contacts page
Contacts Search
We've recently rolled out an improvement to how the default search (across names, phones, IDs, company or emails) at the top of the contact page, fixing an issue customers with large amounts of data would see where the incorrect results as you typed.
Sharing events to twitter now works correctly
We've fixed an issue where links for events shared to twitter would show up incorrectly, breaking the shared version. This should now work correctly for all customers!
As an addition to this, we've also removed the automatically added links to share an item to Google+
Improved Contact ID number generation
Contacts CRM
Some organisations were finding duplicate Contact ID numbers (which organisations can use for membership numbers) when they did multiple CSV uploads.
We fixed this up as well as improved the way these numbers are generated and also enforce uniqueness.
Thanks to Bec at the Margaret River Off-Road Cycling Association for working with us to find and resolve this one 🚵‍♂️
External links now respect target="_blank"
Web Pages
If you're working on your external facing pages (e.g. events and web pages), you may want to force a link to open in a new window.
Tidy now keeps the "target" attribute of links when set to "_blank", allowing you to, for instance, open external links in a window seperate to Tidy,
Ensure trashing only deletes club-owned contacts
Contacts CRM
For our enterprise organisations, we discovered a bug where a child organisation could delete (or appear to delete) a contact that was shared from the parent organisation.
We have now fixed this up so you can only delete Contacts that you own.
Finance Dashboard not reconciling correctly
A customer pointed out that his numbers weren't adding up to the same things he could see in the Transactions report as well as the Cash Report. After an investigation we worked out it was because of a split payment over multiple months and financial years.
We have fixed it up now so the maths is making better sense of it all.
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